Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life,,,sometimes it is very hard..

sometimes its burden me a lot
sometime it make me cry like raining cats and dogs
sometimes,I think ''what worth living''
sometimes I think life is just nothing...
sometimes makes me sick
sometimes hurt my pride
sometimes feel very empty

sometimes,I ask myself,why I make a promise to Allah to be faithfull to HIM
to do what HE says and leave what He ask
sometimes,I ask myself ''why the forbidden fruit taste sweets?''
sometimes,I ask myself ''why I faced so many problem lately''
why is my life full of misery?

then I realise,I didn't worships HIM that well
Life,am I right?
and sometimes LIFE full of hardship
problem and saddness
and why?
because LIFE teach us to be strong better than fragile
this is what LIFE is...

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