Sunday, January 5, 2014

Are 2013 treating you well?

How's 2014 treating you? Hope everything is well 


Are 2013 treating you well?
 frankly speaking,2013 is a total disaster for me
 with hardship, I tried my best to cope up and still I'm still struggling for the hardship that 2013 left for me
 family, friendship, and uncountable farewell that i have to bid,

with that, I'm hoping for happiness and well-being in 2014 but 2/1/14 had slightly crush my hopes into pieces

yes indeed, It is my oral examination for chest dept.
and yes again chest dept is the reason why I enrolled into this school of medicine
so this is how the story goes
During the exam

doctor: okay miss andi, do you know what is tidal percussion?
me : sure do, tidal percussion is and examination to asses the function of diaphragm
       If the lesion is infra-diaphragm there will be shifting dullness during inspiration and expiration
       but is the lesion is supra-diaphragmatic there will be no changes

doctor: okay miss andi, tell me about reverse tidal percussion
me: reverse tidal percussion it upward retraction of the diaphragm during inspiration
      and it is due to lesion of the phrenic nerve supplying the copula of diaphragm that leads to 
      diaphragm paralysis or also known as flappy diaphragm
doctor: okay show me how to do it
me: erk..I don't know
doctor: come on andi, u are the most excellent doctor in malaysia and 
            you don't know how to make reverse tidal percussion..come on andi, I thought you this in my class
me: sorry doctor I forgot
heartache from the first question, I can't barely focus for the second question
doctor: okay,next to do inspection:
me: examine the patient chest from his leg and  move to patient's right side with our eye tangential to the level of the patient chest
doctor: okay, If you didn't see the apex pulsation,what you will do
me: do maneuver to make hyperdynamic apex such as exercise
doctor: yes. the other one?
me: huh? (is there really another method????)
doctor: okay you forgot, make the patient lie on his left side and palpate his apex
me: T_T
doctor: okay if we can't find the apex pulsation in the left side what is the possible causes?
me: ***a total checkmate** sorry doctor I don't know
doctor:....andi,dextrocardia..congenital,acquired..OKAY ANDI YOU CAN GO


other student having the same doctor but they were just too lucky..The doctor asked them easy questions.
Maybe I laugh so much the day before exam and I cry as much as I laugh after that

And this how med student celebrating new year..grrrr >.<"