Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 11-Apalah nasib badan~!!!

Assalamualaikum semua...

Selamat hari Raya dr Andi sekeluarga

Wah,,,gler lambat wish,Almaklumlah buzy,buzy membuta..hahaha..
Lama jgak x update blog tp hari ni teringin sgt nak update sebab aku sedih sgt...
semalam rumah aku kna masuk dek perompak,ntahlah dorang ni kan memang x takot Allah kot,nasiblah x de brg aku yg hilang tp brg papa byk yg hilang cth,,laptop,buku bank,camera digital dll..kesian papa,byk giler data maklumat dlm laptop papa plus pendrive yg ada data syarikat...

Sejak kebelakangan ni aku rasa aku byk sgt menangis,dpt result dhur nangis,tgk muvie nangis,dan yg x leyh bla...TGK PATIENT pown nangis,What A cry baby!!!Arghh

Okaylah enough all the personal matter...

1.Acute fatty liver of pregnancy.

Penyakit ni adalah penyakit yg sgt jarang ditemui,hanya 1/13000 patient.So,in Lahad Datu we only had this case once in a four year and lucky me,I faced one.
In patients with more severe disease, pre-eclampsia may occur, which involves elevation of blood pressure and accumulation of fluid (termed edema).This may progress to involvement of additional systems, including acute renal failure,hepatic encephalopathy, and pancreatitis. There have also been reports of diabetes insipidus complicating this condition.Doctor had told me that the is no other way to treat pre-eclamsia other than delivery even if the baby is not well developed enough..
So,patient ni terpaksa kena bedah di pagi raya eventhough her baby is only 27 weeks.Kesiankan

2.Disfunctional Uterine Bleeding

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB) is abnormal genital tract bleeding based in the uterus and found in the absence of demonstrable structural or organic pathology.
This patient is only 17 years old and she came to the hospital alone and her house is not near..Sedih aku tgk dia,Doctor siap gtau kat nurse lg,If she goes home she will die,her Hb contain is only,aku pown g ar tny,dik ko tinggal mn ni ya? adik:sn kak felda
What,jau kot tu it take almost two hour I guess and she came alone with a pale look in her face...
Biasanya women take this disease for granted because they often taught that they are having heavy flow menses.
If this occur to a patient above 40 years old,cancer is suspected

3.cancer cervix
This patient is only 66 years old,suppose she had cone biopsy tomorrow to confirm wether she have cancer because the cell sample that taken from her cervix shows abnormality and if the the abnormal cell invade the basal membrane of the epithelium cell of her cervix,it will be cancer for sure...
But the patient refused,she said to me ''saya serah sajalah sm tuhan''...but yet the doctor still does some examination called speculum examination

ni lah cara mcm mn nak gna speculum ni,,,jgn lupa pesan kat patient jgn keraskan badan,x pasal2 nanti benda ni patah plak mcm patient ni...

Pastu ade gak patient fibroid tumor,masalah monopause dll...
tyme round2 hospital,I saw a baby with cephalo haematoma,ade patient ni bisu tp dia x pernah berhenti tersenyum, walaupun bisu dia dah ada 5 org anak..pergh mantap kan,when I saw her,I said to myself,what do I need more..Thank you Allah for making me so perfect..

Aku dpt doa ni kat wad bersalin...sape2 nak bersalin bek amalkan.ngee~!!!

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